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December 30, 2022

Do you have an architectural vacancy in Bristol or are you seeking an architect job in Bristol? Then Bristol based Architectural Vacancies can provide the perfect solution to either advertise or to fill the position. In fact, Architectural Vacancies is the go-to place for architects, as well as agencies, and practices throughout the UK!

Architectural Vacancies was built (pardon the pun!) with both architectural practices & architectural agencies who are seeking architects to fill positions, as well as a go-to place for architects to find jobs, and already has had immense success throughout the United Kingdom. Easy to use, navigate and most importantly dedicated to the architectural industry!

As an architectural agency or as an architectural practice looking to hire an architect in Bristol to fill a position or positions, you can register to our website and advertise your architect vacancy through the architect job board. As an architect looking for vacancies you can search through our extensive database of architect jobs in Bristol as well as throughout the United Kingdom to find the perfect position for you.

About Architecture in Bristol

Bristol is a city based in the Southwest of England enveloped with a rich history and a diverse range of architectural styles and designs. The city has a range of historical buildings and structures, including medieval castles, churches, Georgian townhouses, and Victorian factories and warehouses.

One of the most iconic, and certainly well-known structures in Bristol, is the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Designed by the famous architect Isambard Kingdom Brunel and was completed in and around the year 1864. The suspension bridge spans the Avon Gorge and is a grade I listed building and renowned for its most elegant design and ahead-of-time engineering feat.

Other notable architectural landmarks and certainly impressive buildings in Bristol include the Bristol Cathedral, a Gothic-style cathedral dating from the 12th century, and the City Hall, a grand Edwardian building located in the centre of the city.

Bristol also has several newer and modern buildings, including ‘The Watershed’, a cultural venue and cinema housed in an old, converted warehouse, and the Arnolfini, an art gallery located in a former brewery of the city.

In more recent years Bristol has seen several new developments and additions to the city’s buildings and skyline, these include the construction of high-rise residential buildings as well as redevelopment and repurposing of former industrial sites. These new developments and modern-day changes have helped to create a new and spectacular architectural landscape in the city!

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