Manchester’s Architecture – Adapting to The Digital Age
June 27, 2023

Manchester’s architecture has always been renowned for its beauty and variance from its Town Hall to its War Museum, architecture as personified by Bridgewater Hall. And the landscape and skyline are further changing, having seen a significant impact over the past few years with a concerted redevelopment programme and investment into the city, attracting more businesses as well as increasing the number of residents that live in the city as well as its surrounding areas.

Smarter Buildings.

So, what is next for Manchester’s architecture and this once bustling industrial town that has now become a hub for the tech industry? Already famous, architecturally speaking, for its iconic Manchester Town Hall, The Bridgewater Hall, and the Imperial War Museum. Moving forward we will see more smart buildings, that are designed to provide a more sustainable approach to resources, these will include structures that harness solar power, include green spaces as well as utilise smart technology for controlling the environment such as smart air conditioning, lighting, and heating.

Smart Facades and Visible Modernisation of Manchester’s Architecture.

We may also see more external technology on building facades, which include interactive billboards, windows with auto dimming and light blocking technology. This will change the way buildings will feel and look and bring the city into more modern times. We may also see more ways that properties and buildings are made multi-purpose, incorporating the latest technology as well as architectural techniques to maximise on their potential where space is at a premium.

New Opportunities for Architects in Manchester.

For architects this opens a whole new ballgame of opportunities to showcase their knowledge and designs, and with a synergy of design and technology working together hand in hand. So, once again in the years to come we will see Manchester re-invented and for its skyline to change yet again as it stays with the times. There will of course still be the listed buildings, and structures that are synonymous with this great industrial town of the north, but we will have to wait and see how much of an impact that technology and architecture will have. If you are an architect working in Manchester, we would love to hear your thoughts and we may even publish them on this article. Simply drop us an email. Thank you.

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