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Episode Three

Featuring Peregrine Mears:

Dive into Episode 3 of “An Interview with an Architect” with Nick Brown as he chats with Perry Mears from Peregrine Mears Architects. Discover Perry’s journey from a technician to the head of a thriving practice, the challenges of recruitment in architecture, and the firm’s unique projects from residential to leisure across the UK. Perry shares the evolution of his Devon-based practice, the impact of flexible working, and the future of nurturing young architects.

Episode Two

Featuring Lisa Raynes:

Episode 2 of “An Interview with an Architect,” we welcome Lisa Raynes, the dynamic Director of Pride Rd Architects. Discover how she’s reshaping architectural practice with her unique franchise model and consumer-focused approach.

Episode One

A Conversation with Richard Alston:

In our inaugural episode, we sit down with the esteemed architect Richard Alston. Richard’s extensive experience and unique perspective on modern architecture make for an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion.

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