The Architecture of The Shard
April 14, 2023

The Shard is one of the modern architectural icons to adorn the London skyline, its sleek lines and modern design (as well as height) makes it stand out from the surrounding buildings and structures and is a feat of modern engineering and architect design, here we look at the history of The Shard and how it came to be.

Designed by Renzo Piano and Irvine Sellar from the moment of conception it was to be a vertical city and a monument to expanding the urban landscape for use by thousands of people to enjoy as well as being a mixed-use building. Prior to construction of The Shard, Renzo Piano said; ‘It was clear this tower was sitting in the centre of a crossing system of different transportation. So, it was typical of work we have done in the past about brownfields – how to intensity life in the city: growth from the inside. It provided an excellent occasion to show that you could provide life in a city without increasing the traffic – by using public transportation.’

As one of the highest buildings in the City, The Shard stands at 306 meters tall and was completed in 2013. It is home to a vast array of uses, from offices, restaurants and bars, a world-class hotel (The Shangri-la Hotel), viewing gallery and private residences.

The Shard is made up of a total of 26 floors of office space now home to 32 companies from healthcare, to technology, 19 floors dedicated to its world class five-star hotel, The Shangri-La, 13 of the floors are for private and the most prestigious London residential apartments as well as the City’s highest public viewing gallery giving a 360-degree view across the vastness of London.

All in all The Shard is a wonder of the latest architectural designs allowing the development of properties that maximise the use of space in an already built up urban environment whilst providing key and essential space to both commercial and non-commercial tenants in the heart of the city.

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